How The media in the United States largely influen

How The media in the United States largely influences the political mindset and opinion of people

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Reference to the media on political and economic matters has become an emerging trend in today’s society. The improvement in media technology around the globe has heightened people’s reliance on the media for information. In US for example, the media largely influences the political stand of many people. Due to mass following of the media by the people in the U.S, the media utilizes this opportunity by preaching democracy and addressing rights of the people. My research paper aims at establishing the influence of media on politics and democracy in the United States. Information will be collected from a variety of different sources ranging from books, peer reviewed journals, and various popular sources among others. In United States, the media plays a major role in shaping the public’s opinion on political issues, and thus it has the responsibility of promoting democracy. The media in the United States largely influences the political mindset and opinion of people, thus, it has the duty of sensitizing democracy in the country.

Discussion of Sources

            Some of the sources for the study have got similar arguments while others have got contradictory prepositions on the topic. The argument brought up by Berger (37) about the effect of US media on politics and democracy articulates with Wills & Wills (64) proposition. The authors argue that media determines the political landscape of a country. They argue that the people in the US rely on the media to decide on their political stand. The authors also argue that the media provides reliable information to the people about the politics of the country and guides people to make the right political choice especially during elections. Douglas (70) however has a different idea from Berger and Will & Wills. He argues that the US media does not always provide reliable information as it is at times controlled by strong politicians. These politicians dictate the media to address them in a positive light. Janda, Berry, & Goldman (123) also support Douglas’ statement highlighting the unfaithfulness of the media to the society. Anup (12) also supports this argument by indicating how US media is manipulated by people with big political power.

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