Health Information Patient Handout

Health Information Patient Handout

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Health Information Patient Handout


One of the pivotal goals of consumer health literacy efforts is to design educational materials that attract as well as educate users. In this Assignment, you design a health information document on a topic that is of interest to you.

To prepare:

Select a health issue of interest to you.

Identify the audience or population that you seek to educate about this issue.

Search the Internet to find credible sites containing information about your selected topic.

Review the two health literacy websites listed in this week’s Learning Resources. Focus on strategies for presenting information.

To complete:

Design an educational handout on the health issue you selected.

Include a cover page.

Include an introduction that provides:

An explanation of your issue and why you selected it

A description of the audience you are addressing

In the handout itself:

Develop your handout in such a way that it attracts the attention of the intended audience.

Include a description of the health issue and additional content that will enhance your message (i.e., key terms and definitions, graphics, illustrations, etc.).

Recommend four or five sites that provide clear, valuable, and reliable information on the topic.

Note: Remember to keep the information in your health handout and its design at the appropriate level for the audience you are seeking to inform. Submit your Assignment as a Word document.


Health Information Patient Handout Name Institution   Introduction Family planning is a process of deciding on the number and the time to have children. It enables women to decide on the size of their families by preventing unintended pregnancies using various available family planning options (WHO, 2015). There are varied reasons that make women decide on the number of children they want. Economic constrains is one of them while other feel it is their right to make decision based on their choices (IntraHealth, 2013). Family planning services targets mostly women of reproductive age. WHY PLAN FOR YOUR FAMILY There are approximately 222 million women who want to avoid unintended pregnancy but d

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