Global Tobacco Crisis, A case study of China

Global Tobacco Crisis, A case study of China

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Koplan et al (2013) highlights that research have been crucial in fighting tobacco use in China. Different researchers in China have devoted their efforts in establishing means of controlling tobacco use in the country. Research plays a critical role in sensitizing the public about a particular phenomenon. Research has greatly contributed to reduction of tobacco consumption in China and the rest of the world in the past few decades. Koplan et al (2013) indicates that China is one of the most affected countries in the world by excessive tobacco consumption. Detailed research about the effects of tobacco consumption has helped to ease this pandemic in China.

A research conducted by World Health Organization (2008) indicates that tobacco is the leading killer in the present world. The research indicates that the side effects of tobacco on people’s health may escalate if no measures are taken to control tobacco consumption. The research aims at educating people on the tribulations of tobacco thereby reducing its consumption. Koplan et al (2013) highlights that the main role of conducting tobacco research in China is to emphasize on control of tobacco consumption and indicating policies that may be effective to curb tobacco use. Research has proved to be of great value in fighting tobacco consumption. Research has participated in enlightening the people on the health effects of tobacco hence reducing its consumption significantly.


What is the origin of tobacco consumption in the world and why has it become more prevalent in today’s world?

Do all tobacco products have the same level of toxicants and carcinogens?

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