Getting Along With Others: a natural trait that on

Getting Along With Others: a natural trait that one is born with.

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Getting along with others is a natural trait that one is born with. However, different people have varied tolerance levels of the trait. While some people show exceptional abilities of getting along with others, others display limited ability to do so. Getting along with others may be defined as a person’s behavioral characteristic which manifests itself in an individual in various aspects such as caring, affection, inclusiveness, tolerance for others, respect as well as fairness to others (Boyle, Saklofske and Matthews, 2014). This paper aims at exploring the psychological construct of getting along and providing measurement items and methods for the construct.

Getting Along

            Agreeableness or rather getting along is one of the key dimensions in the structure of human personality. This trait establishes the ability of people to relate well with others. You may find that it is easier to get along with some people while the same is challenging with others. This clearly indicates that people possess different levels of the trait. For example, people who possess strong skills in the trait have a tendency of showing affection to other people. This is usually characterized by a hand shake, patting and a warm touch. They also show joy through maintaining a smile while with other people. These people also own up their mistakes easily and are always ready to abide with the rules.

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