Final Project Coursework: Transactional Leadership

Final Project Coursework: Transactional Leadership

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Final Project Coursework: Transactional Leadership


Final Project

Write a paper exploring at least 4 leadership theories. Relate them to several nursing practice issues from your own experience. Include excerpts from your leadership journey paper with your goals for the DNP program. You must have at least 4-6 scholarly references included in your paper.

This paper should be 8-10 pages and aligned with APA formatting guidelines. It is due at the end of week Seven. Please use the rubric below to help you complete this assignment. 


Leadership theories Name Institution Leadership Theories Introduction Leadership is one of the crucial factors that establish whether an organization will succeed or fail. Nurse leaders are constantly called to utilize all their knowledge as well as problem-solving abilities to come up with imaginative solutions to challenges facing the healthcare sector. There are varied leadership theories that the nurse leader can employ in various situations to bring about better outcomes. This is especially true for individuals in DNP programs who are constantly called to put the existing knowledge into practice. Applying the right leadership theories helps the nursing leader to take charge of situations for better institutional, personal, and patient outcomes. A nursing leader should be able to come up with new solutions to intricate problems and utilize the mind and skill to relate the appropriate theory and concepts. The changing environmental trends in the contemporary world have made nursing leadership a prerequisite. As nursing conditions and the world itself become more intricate, so does the role of being a leader also become complex. To act as a nursing leader calls for the nurse to become familiar with the numerous theories and types of leadership. As a DNP degree holder, I have realized that I do not have to be formally appointed as a leader for me to lead. The major reason for this is because each day presents unique opportunities that call the nurse to ...

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