FIN 335 Introductions to Finance

FIN 335 Introductions to Finance

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FIN 335 Introductions to Finance


Please answer the following (2) questions.

PART 1, Case # 3

PART 2, Case # 2 

Answer ONLY these 2 questions.


FIN 335 Introductions to Finance Name Course Instructor Date Part 1Case #3 [a] Financial analysis Ratios 2012 2013Current ratio2.652.5Quick ratio$1.54 $1.50 Day in inventories59.1979.08Operating profit margin14.70%9.60%Asset turnover1.221.06Fixed asset turnover1.931.96Debt ratio41%44%Return on equity14.80%6.30%Times interest earned (TIE)-4.2-1.89Divided per share(DPS)$0.80 $0.80 Earnings per Share (EPS)$2.73 $1.20 Market price per share$36.00 $18.00 Book value per share$18.50 $18.90 Price-earnings ratio13.1715Market/ Book1.950.95Net investment410180Actual return on investment$2,775.00 1,735Percentage cost of capital10.50%10.50%Operating Return on Assets17.97%10.20%Total assets$4,675 $5,100 EVA$349.22 ($15.30)ROA-Cost of capital7.

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