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Activity: After you have watched the videos, write a draft of your Executive Summary.

This document must

(1) address the problem,

(2) provide simple background,

(3) offer your proposed solution, and

(4) list the specific steps required for the decision maker to take to implement your solution. Headings would most likely assist the reader.

Grading criteria:

Begins with title EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Summary addresses purpose (to address a problem), the problem, the impact, the proposed solution, and the decision maker’s required steps to eliminate the problem Written TO the decision maker, not ABOUT him or her Written to express what is contained to the attached proposal, NOT suggesting what “will be written” at a later date Contains no spelling, grammar, structure, or usage issues Reflects positive tone

For this exercise (and in the final version as well) you will need to use headings to introduce the problem, provide brief but relevant background, propose your solution, and detail the sequential steps the decision maker must take to implement your proposed solution. Including headings for these segments will help you address every one completely AND will help focus the reader. 

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