Ethics Approval Form for Sociology Research Projec

Ethics Approval Form for Sociology Research Projects

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Ethics Approval Form for Sociology Research Projects


hi, my previous ethical approval form has been rejected and I am writing the comment of the professor here. I will attach my own ethical approval as well which I have submitted before please have a look at it and see why it has been rejected an d what steps you need to take in order it to be accepted by the committee. Also you need to do it according the dissertation which you wrote me previously. I will attach the form which you need to fill out for the university. 
--When you do, please think carefully about the reasons it was rejected by the ethics committee.
The form uploaded has not been completed or edited according to guidelines. 
There is no description of the project and it is not clear how the topic is academic in focus (it seems more suitable to a business plan). There is insufficient justification for the methods chosen.
It is not clear who the participants will be, or how they will be recruited. Nor is there any understanding of ethical issues (e.g. Section B, q. 8 inter alia)
The guidelines have not been deleted as recommended.--
In addition to the scientific rigour of a project and the conduct of the researchers, an important aspect of research integrity concerns the ethical issues, in particular safeguarding any participants. Traditionally research ethics was a major concern in projects pertaining to biomedical research, but it is now considered in all disciplines involving human participants, as well as in relation to collection of personal data. It is recognised that there are differences between disciplines, but all research should be guided by the principle that human participants should be protected from harm.
All research involving human participants or identifiable personal information has some ethical implications. Even if the research is low risk, issues such as data protection, confidentiality and anonymity need to be considered. There is also a widening body of professional and legal requirements with which research projects must comply. Ethical approval must be obtained before any research involving human participants or identifiable personal data is undertaken. University`s indemnity will not cover research without approval and failure to obtain approval may also result in disciplinary procedures being instigated.
Research Ethics Committees are concerned with all aspects of the ethics of research investigations involving human participants and animal subjects carried out in the institution or under the auspices of the institution, by its Schools, staff or students.
The Research Ethics Committees provide assistance to academic staff and associated general staff and students through the provision of compliance and policy advice and approval of research protocols containing ethical implications. University operates a framework of delegated authority, with some local committees in Departments/Schools, all reporting to the Senate Research Ethics Committee.
the file which is called isaethicsb is my previous form which I have submitted and had been rejected. Please do the new one so that it will not be rejected


Ethics Approval Form for Sociology Research Projects Name: Instructor: Date: Ethics Approval Form for Sociology Research Projects All students planning to undertake any research activity in the Department of Sociology are required to complete this Ethics Release Form and to submit it to their Research Supervisor prior to commencing their research work. This form should be completed in the context of the following information: * An understanding of ethical considerations is central to planning and conducting research. * Approval to carry out research by the Sociology Ethics Committee does not exempt you from the ethics-specific approval that you may need to seek from institutions within which you may be planning to conduct your research (such ashospitals, NHS Trusts, HM Prisons Service, etc.). * When planning your research, you should refer to the (published) ethical guidelines provided by the British Sociological Association. * Important: Students are not permitted to begin their research work until approval has been given by the Sociology Ethics Committee anduntil this form has been signed by their Research Supervisor and the Department`s Ethics Representative. Section A: Student Details Please ind

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