ED5012 Research Proposal Form (RPF)

ED5012 Research Proposal Form (RPF)

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ED5012 Research Proposal Form (RPF)                   


Q1. Name

Student Number






Q2. Programme Name

Q3. Seminar Tutor

 For example: Education Studies / Education with Psychology - if you are a combined student please state your two subjects

Please indicate who is your Seminar Tutor?







Q4. Working Title of Proposed Research Project










Q5. Identify three/ more research questions relating to your chosen topic
















Q6. State how this project develops from the modules in your programme that a) you have studied and b) which you intend to study. PLEASE refer to specific module code(s) and discuss how they link with your topic.








Q7. Identify at least six references related to your topic. These should include academic books and journals articles and explain how they link to you topic.


















Q8. Provide a 100 -150 word summary of your research project; this should include the methods chosen for your research.











Supervisor’s Name

Date Approved





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