Discuss and analysis e-business disintermediation

Discuss and analysis e-business disintermediation effect for online retails.

The primary theme of the paper is Discuss and analysis e-business disintermediation effect for online retails. in which you are required to emphasize its aspects in detail. The cost of the paper starts from $79 and it has been purchased and rated 4.9 points on the scale of 5 points by the students. To gain deeper insights into the paper and achieve fresh information, kindly contact our support.

Research Topics

Any topic related to ebusiness and its various sub-domains (especially emarketing and IS) is a potential valid option. You will not lose or gain marks for the selection of the topic itself. During the lectures we will be spending time on brainstorming topics that you may find of interest for this assignment. Feedback will be provided on them in-class, in small-groups and electronically. 

The list below is a selection of titles from previous cohorts. This will hopefully give you an idea of range of topics covered.

  • User acceptance of assistive technologies
  • Explaining the proliferation of SNS criminology
  • Targeting health problems with the use of technology via active video gaming
  • The empowerment of women through online technologies
  • Applying social network theories to distance learning 
  • The use of online technologies in mental e-healthcare
  • Ageing and retailing
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