Database Management System and Relational Database

Database Management System and Relational Database Modeling

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Database Management System and Relational Database Modeling


Module 1 - SLP
The SLP Project in CSC316 spans from Module 1 to Module 4. You are required to apply what you have learned in previous modules to the assignment in the current module. That is, the Module 2 SLP is built on the Module 1 SLP assignment, and the Module 3 SLP is built on the Module 2 assignment, etc. Please follow the instructions below closely:
Problem Definition
A used-book store has been in business for over a month. The owners have been so busy that they have not had time to design and implement a computer-based system to track their operation. Their first priority is to develop a database management system to track inventory and sales information.
You are hired to design, program, and implement the system. You will be working on elements of this system in the rest of the SLP assignments in this course.
The owners provide you with the following facts:
The bookstore sells used and hard-to-find books and CDs. Sales are for cash/check or credit card.
The bookstore mainly caters to the needs of people living in the area.
The bookstore maintains an inventory of books and CDs.
Store sales are recorded at a Point-of-Sale (POS) terminal.
When books are purchased by the store from individuals or organizations, the data are entered into the system.
The owners ask you to:
Design a database to track inventory and sales information. The database should provide the following information:
Current inventory status of books and CDs
Sales Transactions List
Monthly Profit Report
Inventory Status Query by Product
Sales Transactions that each employee has processed
Any other output you think appropriate
This is the relevant data for the first month of operation. The owners have saved the information in an Excel file. You might want to take them into consideration when you design your database.
Inventory Data
Product ID Product Name Unit Price Cost as 
% of Price Current 
Inventory Monthly 
40 Little Prince $35 50% 20 3
42 War and Peace $45 50% 14 2
44 The Emperor`s New Clothes $40 50% 12 0
46 For Whom the Bell Tolls $35 50% 10 2
48 Pride and Prejudice $25 50% 5 0
50 Pinocchio $35 60% 5 0
52 Canterbury Tales $40 60% 10 0
Sales Data
Trans ID P.O. Number Product ID Trans Code Date Customer ID Units Sold Cashier
1 393432 42 2 (credit card) 1/10/15 4269 3 Jason
2 234321 40 2 1/11/15 8934 2 Mary
3 557842 50 2 1/12/15 5519 2 Jason
4 337891 46 1 (check) 1/14/15 6598 3 Berry
5 198142 48 2 1/14/15 1096 2 Berry
6 221244 40 1 1/15/15 4269 1 Jason
7 1112 40 1 1/18/15 3314 2 Amy
8 414125677 42 2 1/20/15 6539 2 Jason
9 2343112 46 2 1/24/15 4456 1 Amy
10 343411 40 1 1/28/15 5519 1 Mary
SLP Assignment
Please note: The SLP assignment in each module is built around this bookstore project, and each assignment is built on the previous one. By the end of this course, your report will need to satisfy all requirements of this project. In Module 1, your task is to:
Discuss the type of data needed for such a system (attributes), the data types of these attributes, and data sources (where you might obtain such data, such as Point of Sale).
Write a 2- to 5-page paper explaining how you would design the database system, focusing on the tables, attributes, and primary keys to address the requirements of the store owners. Do not be afraid of not getting it right the first time. You will be able to improve your design over the next few modules after you learn new DB concepts and principles.
To make your report easier to follow, it helps to list the tables you will develop and their associated attributes in the report.
SLP Assignment Expectations
Analyze a domain and define data requirements.
Discuss how to identify the kinds of data required.
Communicate effectively with your audience.


SLP Name: Instructor: Institution: Date: This situation involves some operations and will, therefore, need to incorporate some distinct tables for proper records in the database. Since they will all be important, the order of their importance matters. The first table, therefore, will be the one containing an inventory of the computers. Just like any other electronic, computers also come with their user or reader manual. The manual includes everything about the computer system, from the producer to its serial number. Having such information is the single most important step towards proper database management, which in turn translates to accountability (Panneerselvam, 2011). Once this table is

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