Conditions of living of Native Americans and ensla

Conditions of living of Native Americans and enslaved Africans

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Native Americans who lived in the colonies of the Spanish and the Portuguese as well as the Africans slaves living in the Atlantic World experienced a similar set of living conditions and human rights. Both Native Americans and the enslaved Africans experienced hard conditions of living as well as constrained human rights. Both the Africans and the Native Americans were subjected to force labor in the farms and plantations owned by the colonists. Native Americans were observed by the Spanish and the Portuguese colonists as the ideal source of labor in their vast plantations since they were well adapted to the environment. It is observed that both Africans and Native Americans did not enjoy any economic benefit from their work. Both enjoyed negligible returns from the work since they were owned by their masters. They lived in dilapidated shanties along the plantations usually in villages. Sanitation in the villages was poor and often disease outbreaks would kill them in large numbers. Rights and freedom of enslaved Africans and Native Americans were constrained. For example both did not have the right for association and hence were not allowed to hold any public meetings. Additionally, they were legally owned by their masters hence had no right to speak for themselves…”

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