Arguments Against and For Animal Testing

Arguments Against and For Animal Testing

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Arguments Against and For Animal Testing


Each student will prepare and deliver a 5-6 minute speech that provides information that is new/innovative/different and interesting to your audience and designed to enlighten, educate, or clarify. The speech will be graded on organization, content, transitions, clarity, and effective delivery. You will be timed. A typed outline and bibliography of credible sources are to be handed to the instructor at the beginning of your speech. This must be completed in proper MLA format

Please provide an outline also. Can I have it with powerpoint


Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Testing On Animals Outline Introduction Arguments Against and For Animal Testing Alternatives to Animal Testing Conclusion and Recommendation My mother once told me that pain is the worst thing a human or any other living creature can be subjected to. Although I disagreed with her owing to my thoughts about death, I have grown to understand her concern and yes, she was true. Today, millions of animals

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