Application: Types of International and Virtual Or

Application: Types of International and Virtual Organizations

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Application: Types of International and Virtual Organizations


Application: Types of International and Virtual Organizations
As you have been learning this week, there are different types of international organizations. Also, industries—as well as the organizations within them—may become international or virtual to varying degrees and for different strategic reasons. For instance, a major construction company may have subsidiaries and manufacturing facilities around the globe, with a focus on meeting the unique market requirements of each country. Or, a small insurance company may become virtual by opening an affiliate office in another state and relying on technology to communicate.
In this Application, you will consider the extent to which four organizations are international and virtual.
To prepare for this assignment:
• Review the readings for this week. Consider the variations of contemporary international and virtual organizations as described in the readings.
• In the course text, Managing Internationally, focus specifically on the three types of multinational corporate strategies and industries (pp. 352-360).
• In the course text, Working Virtually, focus on the different ways organizations conduct virtual work (pp. xix-xxvii).
• Review this week’s DVD program, “Organizations in Context,” focusing on continuums of internationalization and virtuality.
• Search for information regarding Google, Sony, the U.S. government, and eCollege on the Internet. Think about the extent to which each of these organizations is international and virtual.
The assignment (1–2 pages):
Classify each of the following organizations in terms of the extent to which it is an international or virtual organization:
• Google
• Sony
• U.S. government
• eCollege
Justify your classifications according to the descriptions of international and virtual organizations in the Learning Resources.
Support your Application Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. You are asked to provide a reference list only for those resources not included in the Learning Resources for this course.


Types of International and Virtual Organizations Name Institution Date Types of International and Virtual Organizations International or virtual organizations are terms used when referring to companies doing business in other countries. To understand the difference between international and virtual organization, it is appropriate to use the examples of Google, Sony, US government and eCollege to describe some of their characteristics that classifies them as virtual organizations or international organizations. Google is the most spread out company because it offers a wide variety of products and services. Google is a virtual organization because it is a network forme

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