A World of Wealthy People Research Assignment Pape

A World of Wealthy People Research Assignment Paper

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A World of Wealthy People Research Assignment Paper


Have to write a story at least 1000 words, instructor want us to create a peace and harmony society, but in reality it was just superficial, and it has a lot of internal contradictions. I chose the internal contradiction as how poor people gets poorer and the rich people gets more rich (gap between rich and poor)


A World of Wealthy People





Days had merrily passed by before the students wrapped up all their belongings to head for the summer holiday. It was a fleeting moment for most of the students."Grrrrrr, grrrrrr" Peter`s clock was yelling out to him. It was 5:00 am in the morning. The time he used to go for his morning run. He was a strict timekeeper who valued each and every second of the day. Similar to his single dad, Mr. Mc Gregory, a fruitful and renowned businessman. Peter reached for his peach colored earphones and his iPhone before crawling himself slowly out of his cozy bed. He carefully made his bed and wore his blue running shoes before heading out for a run (Rachel, 2012).

The cold air outside was stinging his nostrils as he raced. His best music, ‘Don`t try so hard` by AmyGrant, which he had selected for running, was sounding horrible on this particular morning. For him, the break for summer holiday was never a good thing. He knew he had to start working in his father

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