3D fashion printing machine

3D fashion printing machine

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Question one: a Value Curve

Fig 1.0: Value curve for 3d printing machine venture in UAE and its competitors

Question Two

The value curve is not clearly different from that of the competitors. The company can add new offerings that include after sale service such as printing machine use couching and machine maintenance lessons. The company can also invest in research and development in areas of customer satisfaction. This can be achieved by constantly and regularly seeking for the customers opinions and using the collected data to propose new improvement to the product and to better the service (Burns & Stalker, 2011). Mainly the venture can seek competitive advantage on the pricing strategy, where there printers should be unique and averagely priced, low pricing would create a low-value perception and high pricing would discouraged customers and give competitors competitive edge.




Burns, T. E., & Stalker, G. M. (2011). The management of innovation. University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign’s Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership Historical Research Reference in Entrepreneurship

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