1.What claim does the argument make?

1.What claim does the argument make?

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The Locavore Myth: What Claim Does the Argument Make?


Read the article and answer the following questions.
1.What claim does the argument make?
2.What grounds are offered for the claim?
3.What warrants the inferences from the grounds to the claim?
4.What backing supports the claim?
5.With what modalities are the claim and grounds asserted?
6.To what rebuttals are the claim, grounds, and backing vulnerable?


Name Instructor Course Date The Locavore Myth A locavore is a society that buys and eat food produced locally. The locavore myth argues that buying local food reduces the distance food has to travel. It also states that food produced locally is healthier, fresher and tastier. The myth further argues that by n

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