1. Distinguish a research problem and its scope;

1. Distinguish a research problem and its scope;

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Marketing, Branding and Tourism Department

4.2 Learning Outcomes


4.2.1 Knowledge

On completion of this module the successful student will be able to:

  1. Distinguish a research problem and its scope;
  2. Critically evaluate the management area chosen for the project;
  3. Critically review the appropriate research methodologies;
  4. Critically assess the outcome of the research project (MKT4009); compare and contrast different approaches towards a project which delivers practical benefits for an organisation (MKT4029)


4.2.1 Skills

This module will call for the successful student to:

  1. Identify and justify a key managerial issue related to marketing which requires a resolution;
  2. Identify and justify an appropriate methodology to conduct an investigation effectively;
  3. Engage effectively with key stakeholders to obtain relevant data;
  4. Articulate the research findings which are accessible to a wide audience.


Module Overview


The dissertation/professional practice project is the cornerstone of the learning process at Master’s level. The main aim is to allow every student to develop their practical competence, particularly in the application of research methods, while adding to the body of knowledge and understanding in a particular area of marketing.


4.1 Aims & Objectives


MKT4009 module provides students with a means of further developing the skills and knowledge gained on the MA Marketing programme by application to a specific marketing issue or problem. It enables students to demonstrate proficiency in relation to scoping the issue(s)/problems, consideration of appropriate literature, collection and analysis of data, management of the change process and justifying specific recommendations or conclusions.


MKT4029 module provides students with an opportunity to undertake a project related to an organisation`s needs, as an alternative to the dissertation based on more conventional academic research. The project will enable students to build on their academic learning by providing them with the opportunity to undertake a project during which they will apply and further develop work-related knowledge, skills and capabilities, together with the aptitude to learn from experience. Professional practice projects will normally be one of the following: - An applied project, in which a student operating outside an organisation undertakes to propose, create, build and/or evaluate an implementation of an operational structure, a technology, or some other innovation for a specific organisation; - A project in which a student is attached (e.g. as an intern, part-time employee or consultant) to an organisation, and participates in some clearly defined element of a project that typically involves a group of employees; - A practitioner project undertaken by an employee within an organisation, normally with managerial responsibility

4.3 Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategies


This module utilises a learner-centred approach. Students are expected to engage in self-managed learning activities. Students will be provided with guidance in the form of online materials that are self-directed. Additionally, students will attend workshops that will develop their knowledge of research methods and tools and their skills in presenting their findings coherently. The module’s on-line environment will contain all lecture slides and any additional learning materials required for this module.


Formative feedback will be provided during the workshops. Students will be allocated a personal supervisor who will provide specific guidance and additional formative feedback. Students are expected to keep a record of discussions with their supervisor and reflect on the project process, and lessons learned.

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