1.1 Explain how organisational structure impacts o

1.1 Explain how organisational structure impacts on people in organisations

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ATHE Level 5 Diploma in Management

People Management

Unit aims

In this unit learners develop the knowledge and understanding of what motivates individuals and teams and use this to review people management strategies used in organisations. Learners will gain an understanding of leadership theories, motivational theories, the impact of structure and culture as well as other tools that can be used to empower people in the workplace.

Learning outcomes

1 Understand how structure and culture on impact on people in organisations

1.1 Explain how organisational structure impacts on people in organisations

1.2 Analyse how organisational culture impacts on people in organisations

2 Understand approaches to managing on the differences between individuals that impact on their performance at work

2.1 Explain how personal differences impact on individuals’ behaviours at work

2.2 Analyse the management styles needed to deal with differences in behaviours

3 Understand the organisational factors that impact on people performance

3.1 Analyse the effect of leadership styles on individuals and teams

3.2 Explain the benefits of flexible working practices to individuals and organisations

3.3 using motivational theories, assess how the working environment impacts on people performance

3.4 Assess how an organisation’s ethical practices impact on motivation levels

3.5 Evaluate how organisations use their corporate social responsibility agenda to motivate employees

4 Understand methods for developing human resources

4.1 Explain how motivation theories can be applied to developing people in organisations

4.2 Explain the different uses of coaching and mentoring in organisations

4.3 Analyse the benefits of training and development to individuals and organisations

5 Be able to review how people are managed within organisations

5.1 Review people management strategies used in an organisation

5.2 Assess the impact on people of management strategies used in organisations

5.2 Recommend strategies to promote high levels of performance 

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