1.1 Define the term ‘sales’ and the importance

1.1 Define the term ‘sales’ and the importance of a sales policy in an organisation

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ATHE Level 6 Extended Diploma in Management


Unit aims

To provide learners with knowledge and understanding of sales and the principles and practices of professional selling in the business environment.

1. Understand the principles of selling and different selling methods

1.1 Define the term ‘sales’ and the importance of a sales policy in an organisation

1.2 Analyse the sales function and the role of selling within the marketing mix

1.3 Explain the differences between marketing, negotiating and selling

1.4 Explain the characteristics of different methods of selling

2. Understand the principles of the sales process

2.1 Define the characteristics of the sales process

2.2 Analyse the steps in the customer-buying process

2.3 Compare differences and similarities between sales in a business-to-business and business-toconsumer context

3. Understand the importance of sales technologies for organisations

3.1 Identify and explain the advances in sales technologies which are available to organisations

3.2 Analyse the benefits and drawbacks of different sales technologies 

3.3 Evaluate the differences between online and offline selling

4. Understand the financial dimension of sales

4.1 Explain the financial dimension of sales including the role of portfolio management

4.2 Explain the purpose of the sales budget and differences between top-down and bottomup forecasting approaches

4.3 Analyse the role of sales variance in performance management

5. Understand sales structures in organisations

5.1 Analyse the different sales structures in organisations

5.2 Evaluate the benefits of account management within sales structures

5.3 Explain the elements of sales force deployment

5.4 Analyse the different ways of managing an organisation’s sales force

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