1. What does Jacoby mean when she says she is a

1. What does Jacoby mean when she says she is a

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What does Jacoby Mean When She Says She is a First Amendment Junkie


Read "A First Amendment Junkie" by Susan Jacoby and answer the follow questions.
1. What does Jacoby mean when she says she is a "First Amendment junkie"(para.15)?
2. The essay is primarily an argument against the desire of some feminists to try to censor pornography of the sort that appeals to some heterosexual adult males, but the next-to-last paragraph is about television and children. Is the paragraph connected to Jacoby`s overall argument? If so, how?
3.This essay originally appeared in the New York Times. If you are unfamiliar with this newspaper, consult an issue or two in your library. Next, in a paragraph, try to characterize the readers of the paper-that is, Jacoby`s audience.
4.Jacoby implies that permitting prosecution of persons on obscenity charges will lead eventually to censorship of "open discussion" of important issues such as " rape, abortion, menstruation, contraception, lesbianism" (para. 9). Do you find her fears convincing? Does she give any evidence to support her claim?


A First Amendment Junkie Student: Professor: Course title: Date: A First Amendment Junkie In Susan Jacoby’s essay A First Amendment Junkie, what she means by saying that she is a First Amendment Junkie is that she believes totally in the 1st Amendment. The author believes in an absolute and complete interpretation of the 1st Amendment. Although in the essay Susan Jacoby mainly argues against

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