1. Understand the role of purchasing and supply in

1. Understand the role of purchasing and supply in retail organisations;

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Assessment Brief

Academic year and term:


Module title:

Retail: Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

Module code:


Module Convener:


Learning outcomes assessed within this piece of work as agreed at the programme level meeting

  1. Understand the role of purchasing and supply in retail organisations;
  2. Evaluate the main components of purchasing and supply chains and critically analyse the management implications;
  3. Evaluate the sourcing and supply requirements of retailing organisations;
  4. Critically evaluate the financial implications of purchasing and supply decisions;
  5. Debate the concepts involved in purchasing selection with relation to the marketing of retail organisations;
  6. Demonstrate knowledge and skill of negotiation procedures in procurement;
  7. Critically evaluate theoretical models and concepts of purchasing and supply within the UK retail sector ;
  8. Appreciate the significance of the role of ethical sourcing and corporate social responsibility in purchasing and supply.

Type of assessment:           

Written essay

Assessment deadline:


Instructions for assessment

Assignment: Purchasing and Supply Chain Essay (100%)

Deadline:  TBC


The retail landscape is changing more rapidly than ever before, driven by uncertainties in global economics, the emergence of new technologies and increasingly complex demands from customers […] The companies best placed to increase market share at the expense of their competitors will be those who can provide customers what they want, when they want it and how they want to buy it. That means providing a seamless front-end customer experience, together with an agile and optimised supply chain behind the scenes.

IGD (2014)


Critically discuss how supermarket retailers meet the needs of the market.

Evaluate features of their assortment planning, own brand and supply chain operations that contribute to their success.

Give specific attention to purchasing decisions, distribution systems, inventory management and customer service.



The essay should be 2000 words in length and be set out in an essay style (continuous prose).

Give enough attention to areas that will you will be specifically marked against:



Marking Scheme

Breadth and relevance of research                                              35%

Level of analysis/application of theory                                       35%

Conclusions (and recommendations)                                         20 %

Clarity, structure, grammar, correct referencing                         10%



IGD (2014) Winning in supply chain`s new world [online] Available at: <http://www.igd.com/our-expertise/Supply-chain/Strategy-planning-technology/22319/Four-key-factors-in-the-new-world-of-supply-chain/> [Accessed 31st December 2015]


You MUST use the Harvard System.  The Harvard system is very easy to use once you become familiar with it.

Marking and feedback process

Between you handing in your work and then receiving your feedback and marks within 20 days, there are a number of quality assurance processes that we go through to ensure that students receive marks which reflects their work. A brief summary is provided below.

  • Step One – The module and marking team meet to agree standards, expectations and how feedback will be provided.
  • Step Two – A subject expert will mark your work using the criteria provided in the assessment brief.
  • Step Three – A moderation meeting takes place where all members of the teaching and marking team will review the marking of others to confirm whether they agree with the mark and feedback
  • Step Four – Work at Levels 5 and 6 then goes to an external examiner who will review a sample of work to confirm that the marking between different staff is consistent and fair

Stop Five – Your mark and feedback is processed by the Office and made available to you

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