1. Ship Owner A introduction to Full Manager D reg

1. Ship Owner A introduction to Full Manager D regarding MV “Morning Spring”.

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Case Study Ship Management

Instructions how to prepare the case study:

Read the correspondence between the Ship Owner A and the Full Manager D. Understand specification and all technical data of vessel MV “Morning Spring”. Understand the services the Ship Owner A wants to contract to Full Manager D. Establish the correct crew composition for MV “Morning Spring” and calculate their wages and the related crew management costs. Please note that the wages are to be estimated according to the valid Cyprus Collecting Bargaining Agreement (CBA). The European leading staff needs to receive higher wages than stipulated in the CBA. Establish the dry dock, or in-water intervals/costs for MV “Morning Spring” and estimate all the technical running costs as well as the crewing costs. Take the engine power and the trading pattern into consideration and prepare a detailed 5 year expense budget.

Please prepare as case study a comprehend offer letter to the Ship Owner A, which shall be attractive that Ship Owner A will contract the ship management to your company while still being realistic with the terms and numbers.

1. Ship Owner A introduction to Full Manager D regarding MV “Morning Spring”.


Dear Sirs,

We are considering to soon purchase the 25.000 deadweight Multi-Purpose Vessel MV “Morning Spring”, ex AAL Gladstone. We plan to employ the vessel in our own break bulk heavy lift trade from Europe to Far East and Australia. We are a very reputable company and depend on a first-class service offered to our customers. We believe that your Ship Management Services would be well suited and kindly invite you to participate in the tendering process for the ship management services to MV “Morning Spring”.

In case you have firm interest we are more than happy to provide the tendering document.

2. Full Manager D reply with the intention to participate in the tender regarding MV “Morning Spring”.


Dear Sirs,

We are honoured to be included in your tendering procedure for the Shipmanagement of your newly to be acquired vessel. Our firm has been handling all kinds of multipurpose vessels for the last 2 decades. We have built a sustainable pool of qualified and well trained seafarers which would be very well suited to deliver the expert services you request. We are confident that with our seafarers and the technical expertise here in the office your customers will be very satisfied with the performance of your good vessel.

We are therefore very interested to receive the full tender document.

With best regards

Commercial Director

Full Manager D

3. Ship Owner A tender document to Full Manager D regarding MV “Morning Spring”.


Dear Commercial Director,

We are glad to learn that you have well trained seafarers for our MV “Morning Spring” and are now looking forward to receive your best possible Shipmanagement proposal based on the below written specification. We will consider only proposals covering all aspects of technical, crewing and insurance management. The commercial management will be done in house.

Please submit your full proposal with 14days of today.

Yours Sincerely

Managing Director

Ship Owner A

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