(1) Discuss the differences between Paraphasing an

(1) Discuss the differences between Paraphasing and Plagiarism.

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INT 3063 50 Coursework: Learning and Research Skills Course


INT 3063 50 Learning and Research Skills Course ()

Instructions: Respond to five of the seven items below. Include all five responses in the same document, with one title page and a reference list. Indicate which item you are responding to with its number. While there is no set length for each response, all aspects of the item are to be addressed.

Use APA style unless otherwise indicated, inserting citations in the text as appropriate. You may refer to the course texts and other course materials to complete the Midterm Exam, but do not consult with any other person regarding the exam.

Responses will be assessed based on sufficiency of content, grammar/formatting, and demonstration of comprehension of core course concepts.

(1) Discuss the differences between Paraphasing and Plagiarism.

(2) Discuss the meaning of the terms Argument and Critical Thinking as used in academia.

(3) Discuss four questions one should answer in order to decode course descriptions.

(4) Discuss Peter Drucker`s comment concerning an employer`s concern with an individual personality.

(5) Discuss online searches on the Web. 

(6) Discuss plagiarism: What it is; When it occurs; and, How to avoid it. 

(7) Discuss how the people styles model functions.


Learning and Research skills

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Differences between paraphrasing and plagiarism

Paraphrasing is using a person`s own words to express the ideas that he/she obtained during the research by organizing and interpreting the understanding of the material without attribution of the original material, while plagiarism is representing the ideas and information in the work of an author as one`s ow

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