Slang Use And Its Perception In The Society Term P

Slang Use And Its Perception In The Society Term Paper

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Slang Use And Its Perception In The Society Term Paper


Slang Use And Its Perception In The Society




Language has the power to connect people within a certain geographical area, and create an identity that is unique to themselves. In Sociolinguistic, it becomes imperative to understand how social systems shape the advent of language and its popularity among the people that speak it. The use of language goes beyond communication; it creates identity, connection, unity, harmony and status within the society. Language empowers people to communicate and name things in ways that seems meaningful and relevant to themselves. This helps people to create an easy way of communication that suits them and is different from the mainstream or common languages surrounding them.[] [Marcel. Language, society and New Media. Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group; London UK. Pp. 02.] 

Formation of words come from different needs of the people, which forces them to either revert the common words, compound them, give them a different meaning, shorten them or borrow words from other languages. When people have no word for something, they have the easy option of either forming it or borrowing it from another language. Formation of slang words has come from such influences mainly among the youth who want to create an identity among themselves. The advancement in science and technology has necessitated the use of short words and speech in chat rooms, instant messaging and socia...

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