Should children (and other vulnerable groups) be p

Should children (and other vulnerable groups) be protected from contemporary advertising practices?

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Advertising, the Media and Marketing Communications


Please select ONE question from the following options for your coursework:

1. Should children (and other vulnerable groups) be protected from contemporary

advertising practices?

2. Why is it important for advertising to maintain a “license to operate”?

3. “The moment people are being advertised to, they should know they’re being advertised

to” (Robert Weissman in The Greatest Movie Ever Sold). Should there be a clear dividing

line between advertising and entertainment and information content as Robert Weissman


In answering one of these questions you should demonstrate your awareness of the current

context concerning the issue, your awareness of contemporary marketing communications

practices and an ability to construct a robust theoretically-informed analysis. As one element of

this module focuses on the technical skills of creating persuasive texts, all assignments will also

be judged in terms of their language, formatting and style.

Assignments will be assessed through five criteria. Each criterion is weighted equally. The criteria


1. PRACTICE: Does the assignment demonstrate an appreciation of contemporary

marketing communications practice?

2. CONTEXT: Does the assignment demonstrate an understanding of the business,

regulatory and cultural contexts in which marketing communications operate?

3. EVIDENCE: Does the assignment offer justification for its claims with evidence and

support from appropriate academic sources?

4. THEORY: Does the assignment present a consistent engagement with relevant

theoretical perspectives of advertising, the media and marketing communications?

5. COMMUNICATION: Is the assignment formatted as academic text with full

referencing details as set out in the writing guide?

The word count includes references.

And I will upload the rest of info after that (reading list, sample essay and writing guide)


Should children (and other vulnerable groups) be protected from contemporary advertising practices? Name Course Instructor Date The spending power of parents affects family decisions, and parents increasingly base their buying habits depending on their children’s preferences (Calvert 2008: 215). Even though, children are vulnerable, there is less agreement on the ethics surrounding advertisement targeted at vulnerable groups. The advertising lobby groups view advertising as being informative to the extent that consumers can grow more confident about products (Tylee 2007:21). Nonetheless, there are concerns that advertisers use manipulative tactics which are geared towards increasing consumerism. There are opposing arguments on whether there ought to be a ban on advertisements targeting children, where supporters of the ban state that children do not have the maturity to decode these messages and are unfair. On the other hand, there are those who argue that, as children get older they are able to identify and differentiate advertising. This essay gives a background on the need for protection to vulnerable groups with regards to advertising, it also highlights on ethical issues related to advertising, the association between cognitive theories of psychology as well as the effect of persuasive ads and marketing programmes In the UK, Advertising Codes of practice give the guidelines on what is permitted when targeting children, while also emphasizing on the need to m...

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