Self-diagnose and troubleshoot campaign problems

Self-diagnose and troubleshoot campaign problems

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The AdWords Fundamentals course covers AdWords 101 on Day 1, and AdWords 201 on Day 2. Participants will take the Google AdWords Fundamentals Certification Exam at the end of Day 2



  • Set up a Google AdWords account and start your first AdWords campaign
  • Structure your campaign, keyword list, ad groups, and ads
  • Optimise your campaign to improve conversions, traffic or other campaign objectives
  • Use the Google Display Network for advertising
  • Apply intermediate optimisation techniques
  • Self-diagnose and troubleshoot campaign problems
  • Use other bidding options like conversion optimiser or CPM bidding
  • Manage Google AdWords account with My Client Center and Adwords API
  • Take the Google AdWords Fundamentals exam



AdWords 101 lays the groundwork for a successful search engine marketing (SEM) campaign. It equips participants (even those who are just getting started) with a better understanding onhow the AdWords system works, how campaigns should be structured, and how keyword lists and ads are developed. It also explains analytics, conversion tracking, advertising options and billing cycle.

AdWords 202 expands on the 101 class by explaining how to optimise the campaigns for maximum performance. It also introduces the Google Display Network (GDN) to expand your campaign beyond search. Participants will also learn how to use My Client Center (MCC) to manage multiple AdWords account.

At the end of this course, participants will undertake a 2-hour AdWords Fundamentals certification exam.


Agencies, marketers, senior managers and business owners, or executives with responsibilities in the areas of marketing, advertising and sales will benefit from this comprehensive course.


Day 1: AdWords 101

Introduction to online advertising & Google AdWords

  • Types of online advertising
  • Basics of pay-per-click advertising
  • Introduction to AdWords
    -Basic terminology
Understanding AdWords Auction
  • How does it work
  • Ad Rank and Quality Score
Structuring Your Account for Success
  • Creating an account
  • AdWords account hierarchy
  • Examples of account structure
Researching Keywords
  • Building a keyword list
  • AdWords Keyword Tool
  • Keyword match types including negative keywords
Writing Great Text Ads
  • Components of AdWords text ads
  • Ad editorial policies
  • Best practices for compelling ads
Setting Up Your First Campaign
  • Creating a campaign, step-by-step
  • Devices – computers, tablets and mobile
  • Location and languages
  • Bidding and budgeting
  • Ad settings
  • Leveraging ad extensions
  • Location extensions – location, call, site links and others
Split Testing and Campaign Experiments
  • Types of tests and how to run tests
  • AdWords Campaign Experiment

Day 2: AdWords 201

Understanding Bidding Types
  • CPC, Enhanced CPC, CPM, & CPA, Bid Adjustments
Campaign Bid Adjustments
  • Location, Ad Scheduling & Device
Introduction to Display Advertising
  • Moving beyond Search
  • Building awareness with display advertising
Google Display Network (GDN)
  • How does the GDNworks?
  • GDN targeting
  • Measuring success
Creating Display Ads
  • Display ad types
  • Display ad builder
Overview of Display Targeting
  • Contextual, Placement, and Topic targeting in more detail
  • Targeting audiences with remarketing
  • Creating a remarketing campaign
Using the My Client Center (MCC)
  • Overview of the My Client Center
  • Linking client accounts to My Client Center
  • Reporting in My Client Center
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