Science Lesson Plan Appropriate for Use in an Earl

Science Lesson Plan Appropriate for Use in an Early Childhood

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Science Lesson Plan Appropriate for Use in an Early Childhood


If the concept you want to teach is that various objects feel different from one another, the standard you would be meeting would be:

SKP1 ELEMENT b. Use senses to classify common materials, such as buttons or swatches of cloth, according to their physical attributes (color, size, shape, weight, texture, buoyancy, flexibility).
A break down of what is expected in your assignment is below

This is stated in complete sentence(s) and is appropriate for an early childhood classroom.
This states a specific state standard.
Lists all materials used in the procedure.
This includes all tasks that must be completed by the teacher before the lesson.

This is an activity, story, song etc... used to get the children`s attention and interest in the topic.
This section provides thorough step-by-step directions on how to complete the activity with the students.
Includes at least 3 questions you will answer to determine the success of the activity and the children`s level of interest and learning.
Includes two activities that each addresses one or more different multiple intelligences then the activity in the lesson.

Science Lesson Plan Appropriate for Use in an Early ChildhoodName:Institution:Date:Science Lesson planLifecycle of InsectsStandard(s) of Learning 1 Application of learning. 2 Solving problems. 3 Communication 4 Using technology 5 Working on teams 6 Making connections 7 Setting and achieving goals.Concept Insects – The Lifecycle of an Insect Standard The standard of the state of Illinois is to communicate with the children by expressing and interpreting information and ideas and the teacher should describe the information and any results through complete descriptions that are based on evidence. The children should learn that there are different approaches and solutions to different concepts and problems. Materials EaselA Diagram of the Lifecycle of an InsectWhite papers for constructionStationery for writing and drawing (Crayons, markers, pencils, erasers and rulers)Glue and ScissorsPrinted Copies of types of insects.The book “The Lifecycle of Insects,” by Susan Heinrichs Gray Advanced Preparation * Arrange all the lesson notes and teaching aids in order in which they are going to be taught. * Collect the stationery required for the lesson. * Print the copies of the type of insects * Purchase the r...
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