School of Strategy and Management

School of Strategy and Management

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This unit aims primarily to ensure that you understand the main strategic approaches and change management theories and relate them to the external/internal environment that shapes business. The unit also aims to help you develop independent strategic assessment skills using appropriate techniques and resources and an ability to appraise strategy.


In the early stages, we concentrate on concepts and tools necessary for critical strategic analysis.  We then focus on specific strategic issues and challenges that affect contemporary business operations, including for example, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic alliances.  Finally, we move on to explore the implementation of strategic options and use them as a lead into the theory and practice of change management.


Overall this unit asks students to build a strong knowledge base of theoretical concepts and offers many opportunities to apply those concepts through cases, discussions and a simulation.  Students should be able to end the unit with a good critical appreciation of current strategic thinking, enhanced critical thinking and an appreciation of how strategy and change management are exercised in practice.  This will include a strong conceptual thread of understanding the relationship of strategic implementation, organisational learning and management of change through in class discussion and debate in seminars.



Learning Outcomes


On completion of the unit you should be able to:

To research and apply strategic options in a particular context and develop appropriate solutions to strategic problems in business with a consideration of the relevant critical success factors.

Understand the main strategic approaches and change management theories and relate them to the external/internal environment that shapes a business.


In addition you will consolidate and develop a number of skills which are what employers are looking for in graduates:

IT Research skills: you independently research topical strategic issues through various databases of academic articles and commercial research.

Team working: you work in small groups on the assignments.  Working in groups is one of the skills most valued by graduate recruiters.

Critical thinking and understanding of strategic issues: you will engage in individual learning and strategic thinking by evaluating concepts, processes and models.

Present strategic actions to others: you will need to provide succinct and clear verbal feedback to a class audience of your preparation and in-class work: more good practice for interviews and for work.

Time management and self-discipline in getting the work done.

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