School of Law

School of Law

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For several decades, Rejuvenation Ltd has been successfully selling mineral water sourced in the hills of England’s ever green land. Rejuvenation Ltd now intends to widen their market to the European continent but have encountered the following difficulties:


In Poland, Rejuvenation Ltd is not allowed to sell its products at all because it fails to satisfy the Polish definition of ‘mineral water’ as requiring a precise balance of minerals, salts and sulfur compounds. When Rejuvenation Ltd asks for clarification, the Polish authorities signal that, as a solution, they would accept that the product be renamed and sold as ‘Bottled Tap Water’ instead. The Polish authorities indicate that the name ‘Mineral Water’ cannot be used as it would otherwise mislead consumers.


In Spain, Rejuvenation Ltd is deeply affected by research results recently published by El Havilland Universidad. This study indicates that (fictitious) BVE, which is a key component found in many plastics, constitutes a dangerous health hazard for humans. Rejuvenation water is sold in bottles made from plastic containing the BVE ingredient. A month after the results are published, the Spanish government announces that they will ban all imports of mineral water stored in plastic bottles because of the possible health effect on humans. However Rejuvenation Ltd hears that the expanding Spanish water industry has been particularly organised and effective in their lobbying of the Spanish Government.


Finally, in Sweden, there has been a very successful campaign promoting tap water as being ‘the only’ environmentally ethical water. As a result, the Swedish Parliament introduces legislation to limit the sale of mineral to pharmaceutical outlets. Rejuvenation’s mineral water can thus only be sold in pharmaceutical outlets.

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