Roberto Benigni`s Life is Beautiful: a great comme

Roberto Benigni`s Life is Beautiful: a great commercial success but a controversial film too. Why?

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Roberto Benigni`s Life is Beautiful

Topic: Roberto Benigni`s Life is Beautiful: a great commercial success but a controversial film too. Why? I need to answer that question with legitimate sources that are properly cited within the body of the paper. Please keep the internet sources down to three and the rest to text. Would love for a draft before the final product. Quotes from reviewers, critics, and other experts and examples given from the movie to support the thesis are also what I`m looking for. This paper is for my History of Italian Cinema course. (Film) Roberto Benigni`s moving film, Life is Beautiful, is a film that is set in a concentration camp and combines comedy with the seriousness of the extermination of the Jews in Nazi Germany. Benigni`s task in making this film was significant, by taking a tremendous risk, making a "comedy about the holocaust," and the fact that he pulled it off so well, despite the expected controversy it has aroused in some, is downright miraculous.
Life is Beautiful: A Movie Review [student`s name] [course] [university] Life is Beautiful: A Movie Review Is it possible to portray the holocaust in a comedy without watering down the seriousness of the carnage? Famous Italian comedian Roberto Benigni says, it is. The first actor to “win” the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actor in a non-English role, Benigni is often considered as the heir of Charlie Chaplin. His 1997 movie, Life is Beautiful has earned him international praise. The movie is internationally acclaimed and has received citations from the Academy Awards, the Oscars, the European Film Awards, and the Cannes Film Festival, among many others. Yet despite the praises it has received, Life is Beautiful has garnered many criticisms. It is steeped in controversy – for laughing at an extremely woeful event, for Benigni playing a Jew when he in fact isn`t, for looking at life as if it was a game. For me, however, I think that Life is Beautiful is really a fable, but the insight it provides about the spirit of man is truly powerful. This paper explores why Roberto Benigni`s work became a commercial success and a controversial film. Life is Beautiful is composed of two acts, the first one relating to love, the second, about the Holocaust. In the first act, we see Guido using flirtatious encounter to woo Dora, a schoolteacher at the local elementary school. Perhaps one of the most memorable scenes in this part of the movi...
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