Respond To Discussion

Respond To Discussion

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Respond To Discussion


Discussion boards in this course are meant to create an environment of collaboration, conversation, and self-examination. Students must demonstrate deep thought and synthesis of issues relevant to their topics and the topics of their colleagues. Therefore, in the future please do not merely summarize another students post. Make efforts to lead and assist other students with their postings”


Pls resond to these following post

# 1

The measurement and evaluation of outcomes in health care is vital to the DNP in identifying areas of practice improvement and effectiveness of planned interventions (Kleinpell, 2013). One method to evaluate effectiveness of a health intervention is cost-benefit analysis. By placing a monetary value on both the costs incurred in an intervention, and the outcome of that intervention, we can determine if there is a cost benefit to the project (Muenning, 2008). By working through these steps ahead of time, the DNP can save time and effort by determining if an intervention will be beneficial prior to inception of the project.


Respond To This Discussion Name Institution. Discussion 1 One of the methods that can assist in measuring and evaluating outcomes of any project is cost-benefit analysis, which involves analyzing costs that covers the project intervention versus the actual intervention outcomes. To determine the benefits of the project prior planning saves resources (Persky, 2001). Cost benefit analysis requires that all project costs must be measured and have monetary value. Conducting a cost benefit analysis helps in determining areas of improvement and makes a forecast whether the planned intervention will be effective (The Economist, 2009). For instance, in first case study, ob

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