Pseudo code

Pseudo code

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I have no idea on where to begin, help is much appreciated.

The project will emphasize standard approaches that verify you have successfully mastered the concepts of structured design.

Pseudo code is an informal high-level and compact description of a computer programming algorithm that uses structural conventions of a programming language. It is intended more for human reading than machine reading. In working through the assignments in the textbook, pseudo code has been used to clearly pin down the work to be done for the program. Then using the proper Python syntax it has been converted into an executable program when constructed correctly.

Pseudo code is basically a shorthand way of describing a computer program functions; it creates the logical structure describing the actions to execute an application. You have already been doing this in each chapter of the text thus far.


Write a program that obtains two integer numbers from the user.

It will print out the sum of those numbers.

Pseudo code:

Prompt user to enter first integer number

Validate user entry is an integer number

If Not an Integer entry, ask user to reenter first integer number

Prompt user to enter second integer number

Validate user entry is an integer number

If Not an Integer entry, ask user to reenter second integer number

Compute sum by adding first integer to second integer number

Display sum of two integer numbers as final result

In this project, create the pseudo code from the following request.

The Pseudo Code must have some sort of menu that allows users to make selections to do a particular calculation such as addition, multiplication, and subtraction
It must provide five menu items that allow the user to make a calculation. Each of the 5 menu items should perform different calculations such as addition, multiplication, and subtraction. There should be an additional menu item for user to exit the program. So, total of 6 menu item.
The Pseudo Code must allow user to enter valid number entries to perform selected calculation option
Once the user selects a menu item, Pseudo Code should perform user entries, calculation, display the result to the user, and return to the main menu. User should be presented with main menu until they choose option to exit the program.
For additional reference and guidelines visit this link.

Please note that this is not a programming assignment. Please do not submit working program as part of the project.

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