Proposal and design of a research study.

Proposal and design of a research study.

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This coursework assignment focuses on your own personal or professional area of interest. The area of interest is likely to be work related but the choice of another area of focus is not excluded but if another is chosen it should be justified in your coursework assignment. If you decide to select an area not workrelated ensure that the area is of substance and is not ‘light-weight’. As reflected in the Task detailed below, you are required to select, justify and formulate a research proposal for your selected area of focus.

Thus far in this module’s materials you have been introduced to and considered the methodological underpinning of a number of aspects of the nature and logistics of, amongst others:

 The nature of research: ‘what research is’.

 Research objectives, hypotheses, and questions.

 Research paradigms.

 Literature reviews.

 Research designs.

 The nature of and approaches to qualitative research.

 The nature of and approaches to quantitative research

 The nature of and approaches to mixed methods research.

In developing your research proposal you will draw upon, as appropriate, all or some, of the aspects introduced and considered in this module’s materials. Task There is one task. This is for you to construct a research proposal which captures and articulates a research design for your chosen area of interest. This task comprises a number of components

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