Promoting and Enhancing Parenting

Promoting and Enhancing Parenting

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The introduction should be a brief reminder of the parenting population and needs that you outlined in report 1. It should also state your intention for this Final Report.

Parenting Programmes

Select two (preferably distinct) programmes. Critically evaluate the programmes. Further, evaluate their suitability in relation to the objectives identified earlier (and specified below). Consider the focus of the programme - on parent and/or child and remember that their psychological foundation is important to understanding their basic principles.

The parenting programme selections should be justified on the basis of

Suitability in terms of age
Suitability in terms of behavioural objectives
Suitability in terms of parental profile
Research evidence which outlines the efficacy of this programme
Indications of why this programme would be more suitable than others
Mode of Delivery

What is the most suitable method of delivery for this parenting population? Justify your decision again in relation to the needs of the parents and reference to theory or research information.


How will the programme be evaluated? You need to justify the decisions taken about the evaluation process. Who and what will be evaluated, how will they be evaluated and why? When will the evaluation be carried out?

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