Ports Roles as Logistics Hubs - Maritime Logistics

Ports Roles as Logistics Hubs - Maritime Logistics

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Assessment Task

Critically analyse the role of ports as a key player in the international supply chain.

To what extent is the port seen as a ‘logistics hub’ And how critical is it to the economy of a country.

What are the implications to port users and to end customers should significant disruption take place at a major port hub?

Consider the implications to a range of stakeholders and the effects it will have on their businesses. 


These may be financial, change of strategic direction, loss of customer base, changes in the supply chain etc.

What solutions can you suggest to ensure goods and freight are delivered to customers should disruption take place and what risk management processes can you suggest?


Your report is NOT simply a descriptive narrative of what a logistics hub is. You are required to demonstrate your understanding of the role of a port within the wider supply chain process by providing a range of examples of organisations that rely on access to major port services and show the measurable implications of any disruption of these services.


You will benefit by sourcing historical data and information to understand the consequences of previous disruption to port activity, how this affected users and customers, and solutions to mitigate these issues.


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