Please explore the concept of Social Networks. Soc

Please explore the concept of Social Networks. Social Networks consist of a variety of factors, what are those factors?

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Social Networking and Criminal Theories


Sociology 101 prompt for coursework assignment: Please answer the following two questions and make sure that your response is thorough and detailed. Many of the questions contain sub-questions, please make sure to address those. I highly encourage you to re-read my power-point-presentations on "CrimeDeviance, "GroupOrganizations", and "stratification-socioeconomic" that I have uploaded to my website on You can use material from my power-points to answer the two questions but be write creative with your answers. No sources are required but if it helps you feel free to use the class text book. The total pages required for this assignment is 2 pages. Good Luck. Question 1.) Please explore the concept of Social Networks. Social Networks consist of a variety of factors, what are those factors? How can an individual expand their network? What role has technology-driven networking played in redefining the definition of social networking? What are the positives and negatives of technology-driven networking? Question 2.) We understand that no one is born deviant. Socialization has a tremendous affect on the lives of individuals and through social interactions, individuals may fall victim to peer pressure and other forms of influence that can contribute to acts of deviance. Please explore rational choice theory and social control theory. What are the main arguments made by each of the theories. In addition, please make sure to address the four powerful factors associated with social control theory. Format Guidelines: 2 pages. 12 point Font Times New Roman. 1 inch margins You can use my power-point presentations and the class textbook to help you answer the questions. Work`s Cited page not required. Notes from the student: The Power-point presentations for Sociology 101 are "crimedeviance.pdf", "grouporganizations.ppt" and "stratification-socioeconimic.pdf" can be found on the professor`s website here: The Sociology 101 textbook for this class is called: "Sociology: Concepts and Applications in a Diverse World" by Thomas J. Sullivan, 8th edition. Chapters 4 through 6 are from pages 88 through 175. The ISBN is: 0-205-62806-0

Social Networking and Criminal TheoriesNameInstitution Social Networking and Criminal TheoriesQuestion OneSocial networks are the connections that individuals create through friendship, socialization, and interaction with others. It occurs at different levels, the most basic one being the micro level. At this level, individuals establish connections with friends, college/class mates, and friends of friends. This expands to the meso level whereby individuals’ connections go beyond cultural and national levels. Social networks are important sources of power and opportunities. For instance, a student with a strong social network is more likely to secure employment after college than one without. The same impotence is seen in business and politics, whereby knowing the right people can help one secure business deals or get elected into political office. In fact, no individuals are better known than politicians and businessmen. A number of factors determine the kind of social networks that one can create. They include social status, education, and personality. Social status exposes individuals to people of power and influence. For example, being born into a rich family helps one to get socialized into the high class society, which has more access to desirable resources and opportunities such as job positions. Education gives one the skills and knowledge desired by others, which makes a well-educated person an asset. Accordingly, educated people create powerful networks because their skills are sought by well-connected persons like entrepreneurs, organizations, and government institutions. Personality helps one to attract people and create friends more easily, which expands their social networks. Nevertheless, I tend to think that the nature of social networks one establishes reflect the individual’s social status, rather than an individual’s ability...
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