Phenylketonuria (PKU)

Phenylketonuria (PKU)

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In this paper, you are asked to provide an essay on Disease of your choice. You must include a short figure legend, title, description of any annotations, and five (5 )subheadings. Furthermore, provide an introduction about the disease, include its genetics and number of genes, type of mutations, frequency of mutation in the human population, frequency of affected individuals, and biochemical pathway. Moreover, provide it’s biochemical and biological outcome as well as potential treatments available.  

◆ use a drawing program

◆ or draw by hand, photograph with your phone, and insert image into the


– with short figure legend

◆ title

◆ description of any annotations or color labels

◦ structure of the paper

– five subheadings (underline each subheader)

◆ introduction (what is the disease?)

◆ genetics

• number of genes

• type of mutation(s) (i.e., single base change, deletion, insertion, etc.)

• frequency of mutation in the human population

• frequency of affected individuals

◆ biochemical pathway affected

• figure

• what is the biochemical outcome?

◆ what is the biological outcome?

◆ any potential treatment(s) available?


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