Personalization, Differentiation, and Individualiz

Personalization, Differentiation, and Individualization

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Personalization, Differentiation,
and Individualization

Certainly adults have different interests, strengths, and comfort zones. Listening to a fascinating 90-minute lecture, creating a new invention, giving an interactive 30-minute presentation, crafting a heartfelt essay, or making a video of a groundbreaking experiment are all examples of activities that involve learning. It is likely that one of these experiences sounds more interesting to you than the rest, or there may be one that you would immediately remove from this list. Children are no different. The same approach or activity will not always engage every child. The same skill or learning objective can be achieved in many ways.

Another consideration related to learning activities is examining the developmental and cognitive levels of individual learners. The same activity can be imagined at a variety of levels to match, or reasonably challenge, the ability of each learner.

For this module’s Assignment, you will once again consider how to support, inform, and guide a new teacher. This Assignment will also become part of either your New Teacher Handbook or New Teacher Website. The following Assignment will be addressed through research and with examples from your observation.

To Prepare:

Imagine you are supporting a new teacher in the area of applying developmentally appropriate practice and differentiation to foster children’s development and learning. Research effective practice and information for continuing to guide this teacher.


Develop a 4- to 5-page paper for your New Teacher Handbook or create a 20-slide minimum PowerPoint with notes and/or written narration for your New Teacher Website that provides evidence-based information addressing the following:

  • Why differentiation is so important to children’s learning and how it is best incorporated into learning and teaching
  • Ways in which a new concept or approach to differentiation you have researched can be implemented in the learning environment for children in one or more age groups (Include examples and practical resource recommendations for this new concept.)
  • How this new concept or approach can be adapted for all children, including those with exceptionalities and children who are learning English as a second language
  • What impact this new concept will have on children’s healthy development and learning
  • How project-based learning exemplifies personalization, individualization, and differentiation
  • What actions you will take in the future to provide children with a combination of personalization, differentiation, and individualization
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