Personal Statement for University of California (T

Personal Statement for University of California (Transfer)

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Personal Statement for University of California (Transfer)


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Personal Statement Name: Institution: Date: Personal Statement (Required Question) Economics is my number one career choice. My interest in economics started way back when I was in middle school. My father who works in the finance department at Hyundai Heavy Industries could come back home from work in the evening and perform complex financial calculations. Watching my dad everyday play around with figures arose a strong desire in me to study economics. This interest was further fueled by a desire to understand what GDP meant because my father used that term often during our little father to son conversations. The fact that I studied in an international school in China while I was born in Korea and managed to visit different countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and Honking made me realize that countries have different economic status. Therefore, I grew up hoping that one day I would understand more about GDP and the criteria used in ranking countries economic situation. The United States of America is known to be at the top of the list in GDP world ranking. As a result, I have always wished to study in the

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