Parent/Family Member Interview Sheet

Parent/Family Member Interview Sheet

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Parent/Family Member Interview Sheet

Part 1:  General Information

Share a general overview of the area of development and learning that you have selected. For example:


Children develop in many different ways and in many different areas.  Professionals need to look at these different areas. I have selected _________ (fill in with area of development and learning) as the focus of this Child Observation Project. This specific area of development refers to such abilities as ___________ (fill in with summary of selected area of development and learning). Examples of behaviors I will be looking for include _______________________ (fill in with examples from Appendix A of specific things you will be looking for). The purpose of this Child Observation Project is for me to gain knowledge and skills in the area of observation and assessment, and therefore, although I will be looking at one particular area of development and learning, I realize that I am observing a brief “slice in time” and do not intend to make any assumptions about your child’s capabilities within the targeted area.


Child’s name: ­­­­­­­­­_________________________________________

(Please do not use the child’s real name)

Child’s age:  __________________________________________


Share the section of the Appendix A: Assessment and Analysis Guide that provides information on the area of development and learning you selected. Then, ask the following questions:


  • Is there any information about your child related to  _________________
    (fill in with selected area of development and learning) that would be helpful to know about when I conduct the observations?


  • Where is the best place to observe your child? For example, where are they most likely to be comfortable?


  • Is there a time of day that is best to observe your child? For example, do they seem most active and alert in the morning or in the afternoon?


  • Is there any additional information that you feel would be helpful for me to know about your child as I plan and implement the observation?
  • Do you have any questions about the observations, or the Child Observation Project?
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