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Assessment Task:

This is a group based assignment for on campus students.


E-Business is the main driver for any business today. E-Business related tools, technologies, and applications have been rapidly changing over the last ten years. To be competitive in the market, e-business system users need to follow up the innovations and new industry developments in a timely manner. So, the aim of this assignment is to improve your industry based practical research skills as well as team based working and learning.


In this assignment, as future ICT professionals, you are required to research e-business systems related to new developments in the industry and prepare a presentation as a group of up to 3 members during the class time. You need to form your group in Week-3 and provide the group details to your local lecturer for confirmation. You also need to inform your lecturer about your proposed topic in Week-4 class for your group presentation.


For presentation topic, research industry magazines (online and offline) and web sites focused on innovations and developments in e-business systems. Your presentation should cover the content from an industry and practical point of view rather than theory.


Distance students: The time of the presentations and communication technology employed will be determined on an individual basis. Please contact the course coordinator well in advance.

Marking Criteria for Presentation:


  • Topic knowledge and preparation of presentation
  • The industry relevancy of presentation content
  • The clarity and consistency of presentation
  • Use of visual aids
  • Time management
  • Communication effectiveness
  • Presentation coordination among group members
  • Quality response to questions during question and response time
  • Target audience

•     Professional appearance

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