Motor and Machine Automation

Motor and Machine Automation

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Motor and Machine Automation

We have a trim board = 1*4 or 1*6

all boards are white.

we need to design a machine that can do things to the board.

first thing screw some screws. on the door frame, you may have a piece of trim and the door frame about 36" up if you have a door jamb.

we could put brackets on the trim.

the board we got to stack one against another and they`re being shoved into this machine so we need to build a machine over here between the boards to stop and start the board and puts in a bracket. it might have bracket here to screw here screw there. ( same as the figure) between we need a motion control stuff. part of that we going need a coupler nip rollers (coupler, motor,..). will squeezing the board and one of them probably has a motor and one is an ipoare and we`ve got some friction right here so we can drive the boards. then registration sensor, and we need to sensor that can detect the board. then we will have basically a plate we going to amount have two screwdrivers into this plate. we need motion go up and down. and each one has to exist motor, Dc motor ( to perform better torque control in it). ( 1/2 hp brushed motor)

two screws ( 2" and .5") during travel 2.22" and 0.75"

-constant force

- fix time 1.2 to driver screw

- when sensor red should move 36" and stop.

- accy +1.5mm

-cycle time 5 second.

- diameter the roller > 2.5"

- contact whole board.

- pushed with 3lb force from the beginning.

- need to take care of rolling and the tension of rolling.

- length of board 72"-90"

-force 1lb from the middle to the end.

- between the rolling can be bushed, 2 board.

- screw collaboration should be 1.2second to drive screw.

-power supply 110, 230... no limitation.

- the screwdrivers = 20lb.

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