Motivation and Reward System Tesco & Oil and Gas C

Motivation and Reward System Tesco & Oil and Gas Company

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DNV GL cherishes the system of continuous improvement and motivation and this is the top priority for the top executives and managers of DNV GL. The company is highly focused on putting great emphasis on the organisational culture and the quality which is intended towards deriving the organisation to the continuous process of improvement within the culture, capability, system, skills and processes.  DNV GL believes that the motivation of the employee is directly related to the rewards system. DNV GL have therefore, organised the way to manage, motivate and reward people in order to incentivize the performance.

  1. Evaluate how job evaluation and other factors determine pay, giving specific examples from organisations. (Tesco & DNV GL).
  2. Describe the exit procedures for each company considering the impact on the legal and regulatory framework arrangements. (Tesco & DNV GL).
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