MN2017: Coursework Assignment

MN2017: Coursework Assignment

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MN2017: Coursework Assignment

Please choose a topic from the list below to write a short literature review/survey paper with the word limit of 1300 words by the submission deadline


List of Topics:

  • Asset bubbles

  • Business cycles

  • Financial system (in)stability

  • Leverage cycles

  • Liquidity crises

  • Welfare costs of economic fluctuations


The topics on the list are not mutually exclusive, so it is perfectly fine for your work to cover more than one topic. Your work may focus on policy interventions targeting any of the above—e.g. bank capital requirements, central bank independence.

Some references for each topic will be given in a separate document shortly. Also, it is strongly recommended to use Google Scholar ( as well as referring to the reference lists of the papers/books — by using the former, you can move forward in time, i.e. look for works that are citing the paper (and the number of citations are displayed, too), while you can go backwards in time by using the latter.


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