Microorganisms and Bacteria: Aseptic Technique, St

Microorganisms and Bacteria: Aseptic Technique, Streak Plate Method

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Microorganisms and Bacteria: Aseptic Technique, Streak Plate Method


Hello, the report is not real report, it was what we did before and I got a referral, these questions should be answered the way it is on the paper with the sub headings. Please the question paper and the protocol will be attach below. 


Microorganisms and Bacteria Student’s Name: Institution: Date: 1 Aseptic Technique Aseptic technique is a set of specific laboratory practices that are always performed before beginning experiments. The specific practices are meant to maintain as well as maximize the control and eradication of pathogens in the laboratory set up. They are always carried out under strict sterile conditions to either reduce or eliminate pathogenic contamination in the laboratory working areas. The aseptic technique achieves greater control or eradication of microbial contamination than other practices that focus on sanitization of microorganisms. In order to ensure complete control of pathogenic microorganisms, it is critical to follow the aseptic technique requirements to the letter. There are fundamental practices that should always start before carrying out any form of experiment. These practices include: * Cleaning the laboratory working bench: The laboratory working bench should be cleaned thoroughly using either absolute ethanol or 70% ethanol. This ensures that any microorganism present is inactivated before a scientist begins an experiment. * Flaming loops: This aseptic technique is done to inactivate any microorganisms that might be present on loops and straight wires, and that might interfere with a new experiment. Usually, loops and straight wires are introduced into a Bunsen burner flame for a few minutes until red hot. When the loops and wires glo...

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