Mental Health across the Lifespan

Mental Health across the Lifespan

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Mental Health across the Lifespan

Power point presentation:

 Screening and Brief Intervention or Referral to Treatment (S-BIRT)

In this unit you will create a voice over power point presentation regarding your SBIRT experience.  APA format is expected.  This is an exercise combining screening for harmful drug or alcohol use, with a ‘brief intervention’ using Motivational Interviewing and referrals for follow up with Behavioral Health specialist. 

Slide 1:  Title Page

Slide 2:  SBIRT overview:  Describe the SBIRT process and use in healthcare.

Slide 3:  Case Presentation Do not include patient identifying information, age, chief complaint, risk factors

Slide 4:  Screening Tool used – Describe tool, validity, scoring information and citation.  Your patient’s score,

and the interpretation of your patient’s score.

Slide 5:  Brief Intervention:  How you applied the Motivational Interviewing process and shared your client’s

score and need for behavioral changes

Slide 6:  Referral for Treatment:  Describe the referral for follow up treatment that you provided

Slide 7:  Evaluation of the process:  Share patient outcome and provider evaluation of SBIRT process

Slide 8:  References               

You may include up to 10 slides.  Presentation should be no more than 10 minutes.  You are encouraged to provide this case presentation to your preceptor and staff at your clinical site.

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