Medical Care for Aging Population

Medical Care for Aging Population

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The aging population affects the health care economics of the United States because there is an increase of this group of people, considering that the country is an aging nation. The aging population often suffers from numerous illness conditions that range from acute to chronic. Some of the chronic sicknesses include Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis and heart disease among others. Medicine will therefore need to change from one time interventions that correct single problems to ongoing medication for chronic conditions.

There will also be an increased need for acute and health care workers and this could become a crisis considering the trend in the health care sector workers. The government will be required to finance acute health care conditions and long term care facilities for the aging population. While the government would like to invest in the health of the aging population, it is limited by factors that demand more spending such as the nation’s security that is in jeopardy due to increased terrorism acts (Conover, C. 2012).

Article 1

The article notes that the United States has become an aging population. The issue about the aging population that is above the age of 65 is in the strain potential that it has on federal programs such as Medicare and Social Security. However, the good news about the aging population is that the people do get to live longer and healthier lives. The article is then quick to note that though the news is good, it does bear sad implications which are the challenges posed on the economy due to the aging population. The significant pressure is being felt in the social welfare programs that are intended to thwart poverty among the aging individuals. One of the reasons why this is so is due to the aging individuals who have not saved enough for their retirement years and so they have to rely on National Security and Medicare for support.

Article 2

The article discusses the issue of taking care of the aging population in the twenty first century and the effects it has on the U.S. economy. The article also confirms that America is becoming an aging population. The results are that there are measures that need to be undertaken with an objective of taking care of the seniors to ensure that they are comfortable during this stage of their lives. However, this comes with a number of challenges in the health sector. The first challenge is in the high demand and low supply for workers who can take care of this population. Not only is this sector suffering, but the health care sector too. Another issue is on the financial impact it has on the government and on the care takers of the aging individuals in terms of costs for their welfare. The general population has to dig deeper into their pockets to cater for them while the government also needs to create more facilities to cater for this population.

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