Measuring the Tension and Compression of an Alumin

Measuring the Tension and Compression of an Aluminum Cantilever Beam

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Measuring the Tension and Compression of an Aluminum Cantilever Beam


This a lab that we did in class. I have 2 of the old labs that were done in the same class with the same instructor. I will be attaching both of them here with the instructions from the teacher on how to go about this lab report. I will also post my results. thank you.


Name: Instructor: California State University, Sacramento. Department of Civil Engineering CE 113, Structural Laboratory. Measuring the tension and compression of an aluminum cantilever beam and verifying the flexural bending stress equation. Tuesday Lab. Group 1. Executive Summary The strength of any structural establishment on earth is on its ability to slightly adjust in relation to the natural or artificial forces. It is as a result of this that there is every reason for the knowledge of the flexural ability of these structures through determination of flexural bending stress .In order to construct any structure, the material used, and subsequently, the flexural bending stress of this material, is important so as to determine the extent to which the structure can move or be bent. This can be determined through the performance of a simple stress-strain test on the material, through application of a considerable amount of load on the material, that doesn’t exceed its maximum stress value. This plays a very important role, since it ensures that the maximum flexural strength of the material is known, without causing its breakage or snapping, which usually occurs after exceeding the stress value. Putting this into practical ,real-life application, exceeding the stress value of the material making up a structure like say, a suspension bridg

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