Materials Technical Report

Materials Technical Report

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Module Title: Structural Analysis and Materials (BSc)

3. Interpret laboratory data in terms of underlying engineering principles

Aims and objectives

The specific aim of this coursework is to perform a trial mix design for a self-compacting concrete (SCC) using Pulverised Fly Ash (PFA) as a partial cement replacement, and assess its embodied carbon.

The objectives are:

1. Design a SCC trial mix using a modified BRE method with PFA as a partial cement replacement.

2. Perform standard workability tests.

3. Cast concrete samples and perform standard non-destructive and destructive tests on them to determine the mechanical properties of the hardened concrete.

4. Interpret the laboratory results.

5. Determine the embodied carbon of the trial mix using the Inventory of Carbon and Energy database.

6. Assess if the trial mix has achieved the required specification and re-design the SCC trial mix using the observed test results

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